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(Faculty & Staff only)

Are you a faculty or staff person who is interested in LGBTQ+ and Ally-related committee, campus and community events? You can sign up on our campus listserv to receive information on any committee meetings, training opportunities or community events. This is also commonly known as the GLUE list, short for Gay & Lesbian University Employees. Submit your request to join the listserv to the LGBTQ+ AC's secretary. Membership of this list is not confidential.

(Anonymous, Faculty & Staff only)

For items of interest to the WWU LGBTQ+ and ally community. Email with "Subscribe GLUE" in the message body to subscribe.

Queer People of Color promote awareness for the need of a more cohesive, diverse community and demonstrate that there are queer people of color on campus and allies who support us. To establish a connection between the LGBTQ+ AC and ESC clubs.

Queers and Allies for Activism is a politically-charged club dedicated to fighting for the rights of the GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community locally and nationally. We are a social advocacy and political activism group focused on the GLBTQ community. All are welcome to join the fight. This is the first political group solely dedicated to the GLBTQ community on Western's campus. Join the fight. Make a difference today.

QWEST (Queer Women Educating & Supporting Together) is a discussion group that welcomes all queer women, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and allies. Our focus is educating one another on important issues with beneficial questions leading to beneficial conversations. This is an open minded group ready to tear apart stereotypes held against us and even the ones we hold against each other. QWEST embraces the opportunity to hear different points of view s that will expand knowledge of our own community.

Transport creates a positive, safe, respectful support system for people who identify as transgendered, transsexual, gender-variant, intersexed, non-identified, etc. We provide weekly meetings as well as open, fun trans-themed events.

The purpose of Western Allies is to provide a place for people to discuss social justice issues as well as to spread the word and start discussions on campus and in the community about these issues. We want Western Allies to be a place for community-building and networking, especially with other social justice groups, in order to support each other in our common goal of educating ourselves and those around us about privilege and oppression and skills for social change, or ally skills. We recognize that being an ally is never something we can completely arrive at, rather a continuing goal that we are constantly working towards and we want to create a space to share our experiences in doing so by holding regular, ongoing dialogues to discuss social justice issues.

Equal Rights Washington Vikings works to promote marital equality for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Western students, educating the Western community on Washington’s current marital laws, what we can do to change them for equality and why.

As the committee learns about unique scholarship opportunities, we will post information in our scholarship resource packet. If you know of LGBTQ+ and Ally related scholarships and/or scholarships specifically for LGBTQ+ identified students, please send us the information!